PPC News Roundup: The Changing Face of Mobile PPC Advertising

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Mobile browsing is taking over - Tom Kwei looks at what steps Google is taking to develop its mobile ad features, as well as bringing us all the latest paid search news from the past seven days

How is Mobile Search Growth Changing PPC Advertising?

According to Google, more searches are now performed on a mobile device than on a desktop in over 10 countries across the world, including the US and Japan, Browser Media recently reported.

Google: growth in mobile

As a result, Google is enhancing its mobile ad features to help PPC maximise on results. These include:

Automotive and Hotel Ads – Google will create ads specifically designed for these industries to target people looking on mobile devices

Expandable Product Card Shopping Ads – Google will offer advertisers the opportunity to include high resolution images, prices from different sites and user reviews in handy drop downs

Auto-Resizing for Image Ads on the Display Network – Changes mean that advertisers now only have to create ads in three sizes (728×90, 160×600 and 300×250). Google will resize these to enable them to show on 95% of placements

Improved Estimated Conversions – with 90% of conversions start on one device and end on another, Google is improving reporting on estimated conversion across devices within AdWords, giving advertisers a clearer view of how their advert is performing.

Data-driven Attribution – Google will be more transparent on which keywords have attributed to a conversion, enabling advertisers to make informed decisions about which keywords helped with conversion.

Many of these features are in beta testing and some are only available in the US, but are likely to be available in the UK in the near future.

Get Emotional to Boost Conversion Rates with Paid Search

Search Engine Land’s Larry Kim offers three tips for PPC CRO and how to work them to improve conversion rates once users land on your site.

Be Different: He advises PPC professionals to differentiate their ads by looking for alternative keywords. Kim says that, by creating click-bait ads with emotional triggers, you can showcase your unique selling proposition. The secret is to find the right emotional trigger to conversion.

Leverage Ad Formats that Work: Kim advises favouring new ad innovations that bias people towards converting prior to clicking on the ad. There are four things he recommends doing to achieve this – use shopping ads, use ad customisers, use transactional keywords, and get rid of keyword clutter.

Use Remarketing as a CRO Tool: With around 70% of shoppers abandoning their cart, remarketing provides an important opportunity to turn these back into leads. Kim says ‘don’t be afraid to be super aggressive’ with this.

AdStage Expands with Google Analytics Reporting

Self-serve search and social ad management platform, AdStage has announced that it is expanding its services with new support for Google Analytics reporting. The platform has also announced that it is now out of beta and has been made an official tech partner in Twitter’s new partner marketplace.

AdStage screen grab
The Google Analytics integration enables users to build, customise and schedule reports within AdStage.

AdStage co-founder and CEO, Sahil Jain, has said that the company will add further solutions, including retargeting, call tracking and an integration with Google Merchant Centre, in the near future.

Bing Ads Study: Additive Effect of Organic Search plus Paid Search

A recent Bing Ads survey of three million desktop impressions on results pages has proved that, when it comes to the additive effect of paid search ads and organic search performance, one plus one really does equal three.

The survey found that retailers that bid on their own brands receive more clicks overall, with fewer clicks going to competitors.

According to Bing Ads, retailers with organic search rankings in the top position received 60% of the clicks from that search result. In comparison, when the retailer also had a branded ad in the top ad position, the number of people who clicked on a brand ad or organic result reached 91%.

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