PPC News Roundup: Trademark Bidding Freefalls

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Tom Kwei brings us the latest paid search news, including a look at the latest BrandVerity report into Trademark Bidding, what it takes to be a PPC hero, and how to create the perfect landing page

Post-Holiday Drop in Trademark Bidding

Bidding on trademarked terms for online advertising in areas such as clothing and consumer electronics fell sharply in Q1 2015, according to the latest State of Branded Keywords in Paid Search report by BrandVerity.

Trademarked terms fell sharply after the holiday period, returning to Q3 2014 figures, BrandVerity reported.

The report, which looked at trademark usage on the core branded keywords of 250 consumer brands in 10 industries, found that Consumer Finance advertisers, which had the lowest rates of trademark bidding, lost 13,000 visitors a month to other advertisers on their trademarks in Q1. In comparison, Home Services, which had the highest rates of trademark bidding, saw advertisers lose 63,000 visitors, on average.

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The Q1 2015 report included Bing Mobile for the first time. BrandVerity discovered that Bing Mobile saw more trademark bidding by advertisers than on Google Mobile. The report also showed that Bing Mobile had the lowest rate of brand trademark ads, whereas Bing desktop/tablet had the highest rate of brands bidding on their own trademark terms of any search engine.

AOL came out on top in terms of trademark usage, overtaking Yahoo in Q4 2014. It was also the engine with the fewest brands bidding on their own terms.

What Does it Take to be a PPC Hero?

Recently honoured in PPC Hero’s Top 25 Most Influential PPC Experts, Eric Sagin takes a closer look at what it takes to be a PPC Hero in this week’s blog. He identifies five key traits to success:

Self Confidence – Don’t create another cookie-cutter business. Play to your personal strengths and passions.

Sociability – Never underestimate the power of networking. Creating contacts is vital to success. Foster these relationships to see your network blossom.

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Thought Leadership – Good ideas should be shared. Be involved in industry events, lead seminars and write blogs.

Get Social – Take to Twitter and voice your opinion, lead debate or channel ideas, but do it in your own style and voice

Share the Love – You have personal brand value, so now look for the rising stars and nurture their development.

Top Tips for Creating Successful PPC Landing Pages

Sarvesh Bagla offers up his four-step guide on how to design a landing page that gets conversions in his blog on business2community. The secret to landing page success? Minimalism and staying focused on the client, he writes.

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Step 1: Plan and Allocate Resources – Decide who needs to be involved and what they need to do.

Step 2: Write a First Draft – But first consider design, layout and placement. Then think about your content – what you are going to say and how you are going to say it. Finish with a clear call to action. And don’t forget to create supporting ad banners and copy, all in the same concise, crisp tone.

Step 3: Last Minute Checks – Is your ad communicating brand values? Does you ad content match your landing page content? Are you presenting features or benefits? Is your USP clear to see? Can your page include product demos? Not sure on something? Try an A/B test and let the statistics show you the way.

Step 4: Shareability – Make sure you add social sharing buttons to the page. Make it as easy to share as possible. Keep these buttons above the fold.

How To Use Insight Tools to Maximise Ad Campaigns

Lisa Raehsler took a closer look at three PPC advertising tools that can drive strategy, bidding and ad messaging in her Search Engine Watch blog this week.

  • Auction Insights – Available in Google AdWords and Bing Ads, these reports can enable you to make comparisons with competing domains. Use them to see overlap rate, position above rate and top of page rate.
  • Keyword Planner – You can now compare impression share on new keyword ideas, providing you with a view of how competitors might compare for your potential new keywords.
  • Ad Preview Tool – Also available with Google and Bing, this helps you assess which advertisers are being served in the SERPs and what ad copy is working. This feature also enables you to preview how your ad shows in different geo-locations.

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