PPC Roundup: New Features for Bing Ads and Google AdWords

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Yesterday was a busy day for PPC, as Google and Bing both announced new features for PPC managers.

In a post on its Inside AdWords blog, Google unveiled callout extensions, which let advertisers include additional text in their ads to highlight USPs.

Bing, meanwhile, revealed it is now allowing users to bulk edit up to one million keywords using the Bing Ads web interface.

Here's some more information on the new features:

Google AdWords callout extensions

Google describes callout extensions as "additional text that shows with your Google search ads, highlighting specific information about your products and services."

As an example, it provides a mocked-up ad for 'ACME Electronics', featuring the callout extensions 'Free shipping · 24-7 customer service · Price matching'.

Google says the feature, which started rolling out yesterday, can be used effectively with other extensions like sitelinks and call extensions, but reminds users to "keep them focused and relevant."

The new extensions will affect Ad Rank.

Bulk Editing in Bing Ads web UI

As of yesterday, the Bing Ads web interface allows for bulk editing of up to one million keywords, as well as the ability to view up to 250,000 ad groups and 500,000 ads in their respective tabs.

Bulk editing for keywords has previously only been available in the offline Bing Ads Editor, and Bing has made the change based on feedback from its users who wanted more functionality through its web UI.

As Dare Obasanjo wrote on the Bing Ads blog: "We frequently hear from our advertisers, especially those who manage accounts with lots of keywords, that you would like the ability to do more in the web interface."

He added: "Jumping back and forth [between the web UI and Bing Ads Editor] is time consuming and inefficient!"

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