Report Predicts Surge In Twitter Mobile Ad Revenue: Up To $1bn By 2014

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Twitter could earn as much as $582.8 million in global ad revenue this year before almost doubling that again to $1 billion in 2014 according to a new report.

The research by eMarketer points to a particularly strong mobile ad revenue as the main reason behind the expected surge in profits from the microblogging site.

A previous forecast from eMarketer back in January 2012 suggested Twitter would make around $540m in revenue by 2014, this was then tweaked $800m before now being tweaked again in the face of increasingly impressive mobile ad revenue returns.

Interestingly, the report forecasts more than half Twitters ad revenue (53%) will come from mobile advertising this year, when as little as two years ago, in 2011, the platform made almost no ad revenue at all from mobile.

However, the remarkable amount of money Twitter makes from mobile advertising is not expected to end there. By 2015, the platform is predicted to rake in an impressive $1.33bn in worldwide ad revenue, with more than 60% of that coming from mobile ads.

Unlike Facebook and Google, who have both struggled at times when it comes to mobile, Twitter has taken to it quite well - as the predicted returns suggest.

With the microblogging site focussing on short snappy 140 tweets, the platform is more suited to mobile devices and its various ad formats, including promoted tweets and promoted trends, further complement its offering.

The eMarketer report also suggests Twitter may have benefited even more thanks to the likes of Facebook and Google drawing increased interest from those using social media as part of their Internet marketing strategy, especially when it comes to the importance of mobile advertising.

While the vast majority, around 83%, of Twitter's ad revenue is expected to come from the US, the report estimates by 2015 non-US revenue will surge to $319m, more than triple the $100m it is expected to pull in from non-US ad revenue this year.

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