Royal Baby Named Most Popular Search Phrase On Yahoo! in 2013

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What does a royal baby have in common with uber-popular Facebook game Candy Crush, Real Madrid superstar Gareth Bale and twerking? Well according to the latest figures from Yahoo!, they are the hottest search words and phrases this year.

The search engine giant has revealed a list of the most popular organic searches on Yahoo! - without the inclusion of phrases popular through digital marketing methods - with the royal baby trumping the likes of iPhone to the number one most searched term in the UK.

Joining it in Yahoo!'s top twenty of everything, were Arsenal and Liverpool Football Clubs and Coronation Street. The Yahoo! 2013 Year In Review also features a number of gadgets, with Amazon's Kindle popping up in fourth place, ahead of Apple's other main staple product, the iPad in ninth.

Perhaps surprisingly, neither the Xbox One or PS4 featured in the list, but with both only launching in November, it is perhaps a case of too little too late for the next-gen of games consoles.

The most popular news stories to be viewed included stories on Baron Thatcher's death, house prices, the royal baby (again) and Nelson Mandela's long stay in hospital as he recovered from a number of health concerns.

Twerking was in the top seven new words to emerge in 2013, with other such phrases as YOLO (an acronym of You Only Live Once) and selfie, a term used to describe the increasingly popular trend of taking photos of oneself and the Oxford English Dictionary's word of the year.

The most popular questions on Yahoo! included "How old is Cher?", "How to make money" and "How to close apps on iOS7?" - once again showing the prominence of Apple in the nation's search queries.

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