Search engine Bing to continue to display over 10 results on SERPs

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Bing has revealed that it is going to continue displaying more than 10 search results on its SERPs (search engine results page).

The Microsoft-owned search engine is taking the opposite approach to Google, which has recently started displaying just seven results per SERP. Originally implemented in its June update as an experiment, there is no set amount of results displayed by Bing on its SERPs; so whilst page one may display 15 results, page two might display 12 results and so on.

Many people first assumed the implemented change was a bug, however, Microsoft has moved to quell any speculation with a statement.

The statement read (sic): "We're continually testing and experimenting on Bing in an effort to improve the user experience. We experimented with the number of answers for several months last year, and shipped the new format in June. In cases where there are answers (like a photo or video or news answer, we may provide a few more links to ensure there is right number of algo in addition to the answer blocks."

The change could have a significant effect on those within the Internet marketing industry, changing the pages businesses rank on at random.

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