Search engine giant Google to axe more services

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In a bid to streamline the services that it offers, search engine giant Google has announced that three of them will be discontinued.

Director of engineering at Google, Max Ibel,  made the announcement in a post published on the company's official blog. He revealed that Google would also be shutting down a number of its official blogs, as well as other communication channels.

Amongst the services facing the axe are Google Apps for Teams, Google Video for Business and Google Listen.

Ibel stated that Google Apps for Teams, which was originally launched in 2008, wasn't "as useful for people as we originally anticipated." It allowed Google Apps users to collaborate using Google Docs, Google Calender and Google Talk. Those that still have accounts for Apps for Teams will see them converted into standard Google accounts.

The post also revealed that videos hosted on Google Video for Business would simply be moved across to Google Drive, as opposed to YouTube. All videos that are moved across to the service will be hosted for free and won't count towards a user's Google Drive storage quota.

Popular with those carrying out search engine marketing initiatives, Google previously revealed that it will retire iGoogle in November of next year (2013).

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