Search Engine Marketing Study: Paid Search Up 30% Organic Down 3%

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A new study has shed more light into the world of search engine marketing this year, revealing retail paid search is up thirty per cent and organic down three per cent.

The research from e-commerce platform MarketLive analysed data from more than 200 websites over the first half of this year. It investigated a variety of topics to do with paid versus organic search, including revenue, bounce rates and other areas of interest for search marketers.

The research showed paid search order size averaged out at $113, some 3.3% more than this time last year. In comparison, the average organic search order size was $109.66.

Conversion rates for paid search stood at 2.6%, compared to an average of 1.9% for organic. Other statistics showed paid search actually brought less new visits than organic, bringing in 58% whereas organic accounting for 66% of new visits respectively.

MarketLive's research also showed paid search accounted for almost one-third of revenue from all search engine traffic - up a significant amount on the 26% it accounted for last year.

The study also showed mobile and tablet traffic continued to play a significant part in search engine traffic, with mobile and tablet devices accounting for a third of traffic in the first six months of 2013. The research predicts by next year, mobile and tablet could even account for almost half of all website visits in a year.

Tablets seemed to play more of a role than smartphones however, with tablet  traffic growing three times faster than smartphones and revenue growing an impressive eight times more than smartphones. In total, smartphones accounted for 2.7% of revenue - 40% up on last year - and tablets accounted for 11.9%, up 77% on last year

As of quarter two however, the study showed little over 52% of merchants had yet optimised their site for mobile - 52% to be precise.

The MarketLive study shows a combination of PPC and SEO marketing tactics are still the order of the day for digital marketing professionals, but retail firms still need to act quickly in order to beat opponents to the bunch and have their sites fully mobile optimised.

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