SEO: Google Confirms Quality Update

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Following a shake-up in rankings earlier this month, Google has now confirmed that it has changed the way content quality is assessed, although what changes have been implemented remain vague.

In early May, some publishers reported changes to Google's search results, with many reporting a drop in rankings. According to Search Engine Land, Google has confirmed that it has made changes to the way it assesses content quality. Via “The Quality Update” Google has made changes to its core ranking algorithm with regards to how it processes quality signals.

Search Engine Land said that Google had not provided specifics about how quality is now assessed. The remit has always seemed broad, with quality for a particular page or site determined by a wide range of individual factors. However, Search Engine Land surmised that “It could be that Google is now weighting some of those factors more and others less.”

At present, there seems to be no pattern in the sites reporting higher or lower visibility since the change. For website managers, a continued focus on quality and targeted content should remain key to maintaining a high ranking with Google.

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