SEO is alive and well

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In response to comments made by entrepreneur Jason Calacanis six years ago, Ray Comstock has penned a passionate defence of SEO.

In an article published at Search Engine Watch, Comstock provides reasons why 'SEO will never die', in a direct rebuttal of Calacanis' comments, made at the Search Engine Strategies Chicago conference in 2006.

Comstock claims to know exactly why people are driven to spread rumours of this sort: “This has been happening for years because someone always wants to drive traffic to a blog post or an article by claiming something similar.”

He continues: “It's funny because, six years later, SEOs are still optimising website content for search engines and there seems to be no shortage of people who want our help.”

Here are two of Comstock's reasons for SEO's persistent good health:

SEO continues to make money - As Google still continues to deliver traffic via organic search, the opportunities to improve rankings are still there.

"Where there's money, there is competition and a willingness to spend money to win," Comstock writes.

SEO benefits users - SEOs carry out a number of activities that improve the overall user experience. Comstock provides a huge list, but here are just a few of those user experience benefits that SEO provides -

- "Correct spelling."

- "Meaningful, keyword-focused page titles."

- "Eliminating 404 pages that shouldn't exist."

- "Eliminating duplicate content."

- "Reducing page load speed as much as possible."

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