SEO News Roundup: Advice From Google For HTTPS Migration

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Tom Williams brings you the latest in search engine optimisation news, including Google’s advice for HTTPS migration, additional AMP content for mobile search and a farewell to sitelink search boxes.

Advice From Google For HTTPS Migration

Website Migration

Let’s go back to last Friday’s Google hangout.

At precisely 15:36, John Mueller said that anyone looking to switch to HTTPS should do so by moving the site over in one go.

The Google team have recommended this method because it helps Google recognise the nature of the move – it will know your whole site is moving, not a solo component.

John Mueller said:

What I would do with a move to HTTPS is just move everything at once… Google does try to process that a little faster.

According to the team, if you don’t move your site all at once, this allows more room for error and takes longer to complete.

A Shuffle For Google Algorithm And Search Results

Search Results

Barry Schwartz admits: “I only try to report it when the signals all seem to be higher than the normal day to day shuffles”.

The feedback levels from the webmaster community have addressed the changes to Google’s search results, but it is unclear as to whether this correlates to the 20th September update, another update, or simply something unrelated.

Check out some of the feedback:

I’ve noted some interesting changes in the SERPs this week. Too early to say what’s up, and it’ll have to settle before making a better assessment.

For info sites, I’ve seen recent good results by moving away from keyword structured pages to answer based content. Those pages got a jump in SERP inclusion.

We’ve grown massively over the past few months and this week we have lost ranking from positions 2/3 to 5/6.

Have you noticed any fluctuations in your rankings?

More AMP Content For Mobile Search 


In RankRanger’s tracker tool, there’s been an increase in the frequency of which AMPs show up in mobile search results.

According to RankRanger’s statistics, the increase percentage for the UK is 14%.

But could this be related to Google’s recent showing of AMP URLs in featured snippets?

Here’s what Barry Schwartz thinks:

Although that (featured snippets) was much earlier this month, RankRanger told me their tools exclude the featured snippets.

Barry adds; “AMP is where it’s at for now.

Farewell To Sitelink Search Boxes

According to Jennifer Slegg,

Google has dropped all sitelink search boxes from their search results.

But why has the search engine done this?

It could be due to a demand for screen real estate, especially now more searches are coming through mobile.

This removal seems to have caused a slight impact – realistically, only a small number of searches showed sitelink search boxes.

This may be part of a bigger plan for Google to improve its user experience.

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