SEO News Roundup: DuckDuckGoes and Breaks 12 Million Mark

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Tom Williams looks at the latest search engine optimisation news, including an update to the App-Indexing Crawl Error, SEO fraudster jailed in the US, top tips for generating e-commerce site links, and the Search Engine Land SEO quiz – test your knowledge today.

Record Year for DuckDuckGo  

DuckDuckGo has gone from strength to strength in 2015 with the privacy search engine recording 12 million searches in a single day on 14 December, 2015.

The search engine processed more than 300 million searches during the last month of 2015 with average daily searches hitting 7.7 million for the year.

Currently available in 13 languages, the search engine is also working to expand its reach to more non-English speaking users in 2016.

Google Refreshes Android App-Indexing Crawl Error

Error message

Google announced on 6 January that it has finally upgraded the App-Indexing Crawl Errors report in the Google Search Console. The report has not been working since October 2015.

Google Webmasters announced: “We’re updating and simplifying the app crawl error types we show in Search Console.

Webmasters will now see three error types in the App Crawl Status report:

(1) Package not found (unchanged)

(2) URI unsupported (unchanged)

(3) Removed from index (new).

Google has reset the data in the report, so you’ll see updated stats for these three error types since 11 December, 2015.

SEO Fraudster Jailed for 37 Months

jail cell

A US-based SEO named Willian Stanley has been jailed in Texas for 37 months for engaging in ‘illegitimate SEO work’. He has also been ordered to pay $175,000 (£120,000) in compensation to his victims, after he attempted to extort money from a business in Dallas.

Stanley reportedly threatened to engage in illegitimate SEO work posting fraudulent comments and creating negative online reviews of companies if they did not pay him money.

9 Ways To Generate Links to e-Commerce Sites


Julie Joyce offers her nine top tips for creating link-worthy resources for e-commerce sites in her blog on Search Engine Land. She recommends:

  • Company blogs
  • Company stories
  • Product care
  • Apps
  • Past offerings for a recurring service
  • Charitable giving
  • Projects with products
  • Resources
  • Product instructions

Are You SEO Smart?

SEO quiz

And finally, SEO practioners can now test their industry knowledge with Eric Enge’s multiple-choice quiz in Search Engine Land. Check your knowledge by taking the 20-question quiz today.

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