SEO News Roundup: Google Algorithm Potentially Updated 15th January

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The latest in SEO industry news, including more details on the latest Google algorithm update.

Google Algorithm Potentially Updated 15th January

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Following Christmas, SEO and webmaster forums were discussing a potential Google algorithm update. And it now seems there is more clarification on when exactly changes have been made to the latest update.

Fluctuations in visibility suggested that changes were related to the Maccabees update, as well as Fred. And Google did, in fact, confirm those updates.

However, discussions in forums have continued to speculate on recent updates to Google’s core algorithm, stating:

“Seeing a big dip in both ranking and traffic today. Feels like a dialling up of whatever happening in mid-December where we also got nailed.”

Discussions aren’t conclusive but tools such as Mozcast and Algoroo are continuing to report fluctuations in rankings.

Google Update Targets Mobile Page Speed

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On 17th January, Google announced a new update to its algorithm that would specifically target slow mobile pages.

A spokesperson from Google commented, “starting in July 2018, page speed will be a ranking factor for mobile searches. It will only affect pages that deliver the slowest experience to users, and will only affect a small percentage of queries.”

The search engine also confirmed that this does not necessarily mean fast loading mobile pages will receive a ranking boost. There will just be a demotion for those pages that are loading very slowly.

There will be no official notification if your mobile pages get hit by this algorithm. However, Google is suggesting that webmasters should make use of their new PageInsights report before July, when it’s likely that the algorithm update will roll out in full.

Search Console Beta Invites Further Webmasters

Google’s beta version of Search Console is now being rolled out to more webmasters, with new invites being sent out to join the beta testing.

Search Console has also been adding new features to the platform, which include:

  • Export of data from Index Coverage
  • Index Coverage report now features a “new issues found” filter
  • Mark up of problems being fixed and a request to get them fixed immediately

Keep a keen eye out for an invitation to join the beta version of Search Console. It is likely that more new features will appear over the course of the next few weeks.

Google Tests Embedded Image Carousel


According to Search Engine Roundtable, users have recently spotted an adjustment to the image carousel that’s usually presented in search results.

The use of image carousels in search results is not unusual in organic and paid results as well as on mobile. However, the latest update to the image carousel has seen the images being embedded in the listing.

Shobhit Saxena picked this up and opened up a discussion on Twitter as to how this was occurring, adding that no schema mark-up was used on the page.

Have you seen any updates to image carousels recently?

Whiteboard Friday – Should SEOs Adapt For Social Networks’ Algorithms?


In the latest Whiteboard Friday, Rand discusses how social networks adjust their algorithms in favour of content that remains of their own platforms. He asks, should SEOs adapt to this or still attempt to drive traffic to their own content. Or should they do both?

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