SEO News Roundup: Google Confirms Penguin Roll Out Coming Soon

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Tom Williams brings you the latest in search engine optimisation news, including Google’s announcement on the latest Penguin roll out, the effects of redirects on PageRank, news on the impact of disavows, and more.

Google Announces Latest Penguin Roll Out

Google has announced that its latest Penguin algorithm update will soon be rolled out. However, it has not stated when.

On 26 July, Google’s John Mueller announced in a Google Hangout with SEO Roundtable that we will soon be seeing a visit from Google’s Penguin – a roll out of Penguin 4.0. A user asked the team in the Hangout, “Can you guys please confirm whether you will be rolling out the Penguin update or not. In a Yes or No answer please.” To which John Mueller responded, “Yes, we will be rolling it out.”

John then added that he did not have a time frame or date to give as information, only that there definitely will be a roll out of Penguin 4.0.

Watch the Google Hangout and see the question answered here.

Removing Links From Disavow Can Recover Rankings

Disavowing low quality and spam links is one way to recover Google rankings, however, sometimes high quality links can be removed that can negatively impact the ranking value of your site. In an episode of Google Webmaster Office Hours, John Mueller was asked by somebody whose SEO agency had disavowed almost every link to recover the site from a penalty, and he was now interested in removing genuine, good links from the disavow file. When questioned on the topic, John Mueller replied saying:

Sure. If you disavow too much and you disavow things that are actually normal good links, you can definitely remove those from the disavow file, submit the new file with those links removed, and then we’ll be able to take those into account again. That’s probably not something where you will see a big change immediately happen, but over time as we re-crawl those URLs, we’ll be able to take that into account again.

The SEM Post stated that disavowing links is a quick way to recover ranking value from a linking penalty. However, disavowing all or most links on the site could leave you with another Google penalty.

301 Redirects No Longer Affects PageRank

26 July, Gary Illyes of Google stated that using 301, 302 and any other 30x redirects will not result in any kind of change in PageRank.

Here is the tweet from Gary Illyes:

Gary Illyes tweet

In 2013, Google’s Matt Cutts said that 301 redirects don’t make your page lose PageRank value. And earlier this year, John Mueller stated this same thing. Despite two of Google’s Webmaster Trend Analysts confirming this, many SEOs did not believe them. When Gary Illyes posted this tweet, Search Engine Land contacted John Mueller to ask him if it was true, to which he confirmed that it had been like this “a while” and wasn’t a new update.

It is now confirmed that no form of 30x redirect has any negative effect on PageRank value.

Google Denounces Importance of NoFollow Navigation Links

On large sites, or sites with a complicated structure, Googlebots can struggle to crawl every page as optimally as on smaller sites. For this reason, some site owners and SEOs use nofollow links on certain pages so as to not lose ranking value as a result of poor crawling. In the latest Google Webmaster hangout, the team was asked if it was important to nofollow navigation pages, as navigations can be very big, and bots can struggle to crawl them.

John Mueller responded by saying:

I usually wouldn’t worry too much about that, that’s something where we can recognise the navigation fairly easily and we can still crawl the site normally kind of recognising the structure in the website as well. So, unless your navigation has thousands of links in there, then that’s something I wouldn’t really worry about. If it does have thousands of links in there, that’s probably a usability issue anyway.

Watch the Google Hangout now and see John Mueller’s response.

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