SEO news Roundup: Google's BERT Impacts 10% of Queries

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Discover the latest SEO news and trends, including BERT’s global release and algorithm updates.


Google’s BERT Global Release Impacts 10% of Queries

On December 10th 2019, Google’s Danny Sullivan confirmed that even though BERT has been released internationally and globally in over 70 languages, it still affects 10% of search queries.

“@dannysullivan: It varies by language but is generally in line with the 1 of 10 figure we shared about US English.

Bing has launched BERT completely, but Google has only released it to 70 languages and 10% of all queries. It’ll be interesting to see how website performance changes once it is rolled out in full.

Speakable Markup Works for Content Outside of News

There’s more from Google’s Danny Sullivan. According to Barry Schwartz, “Danny Sullivan confirmed that speakable markup now can work for content outside of Google News”.

Webmasters need to be aware that using speakable markup on their sites doesn’t mean the Google Assistant will always use it. On the other hand, it’s positive to know you can implement the markup without being in Google News as a publisher first.

Here’s the tweet from Danny Sullivan:

“@dannysullivan: Speakable is no longer restricted to news content; we’ll be updating our documentation on this. However, using Speakable markup on any site isn’t a guarantee that the Google Assistant will always use it. Speakable also remains a beta feature.

Potential Revised Rel=next/prev Guidelines

In early December, Igal Stolpner attended the Google Webmaster Conference in Tel Aviv, and broadcasted his notes on Twitter.

“@igalst: Pagination without rel next/prev. New guidelines are coming up soon, #GWCLTV @JohnMu.

Stay tuned for the release of new guidelines and help documents!

You can read more about this in Barry Schwartz’s article here.

Image Search Results Show Product Availability

Frank Sandtmann, a Hamburg-based digital marketing consultant, spotted product availability being shown in Google Image results in English, German and Polish. Beneath the image where the domain text sits, the words “in stock” appear next to it.

According to George Nguyen, “This can help users filter through results at a glance and makes image search more “shoppable””.

Google is making image results a destination for users who are looking for products. By adding product availability, it targets prospective shoppers and aims to make their online experience more seamless.

Google Algorithm Update Strikes Again

On December 12th, Barry Schwartz wrote “there are now signs that there is a Google search ranking algorithm update going on. The signals started late December 10th.”

Apparently these signals were evident throughout December 11th and 12th, with lots of chatter appearing in SEO forums:

“Still seeing loads of movement… endless”

“I am seeing quite a large shake up happening this afternoon. Anybody else seeing anything usual? I’d say unusual but it’s really not these days!”

“What are your observations? New Google update is rolling out”.

Read more about this update here.


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