SEO News Roundup: Matt Cutts Extends Google Leave

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Tom Williams looks at the latest search engine optimisation news, including Google’s new stance on revenge porn, and new look Google caches and mobile interfaces

When Will Matt Cutts Return to Google?

 Will Google's Matt Cutts come back to Google in 2016? He has been on leave since July 2014, and has reportedly just extended this until the end of the year.

Matt Cutts

Google’s former head of search spam is a Google employee, on leave, not being paid, but does get health benefits. He has never given a reason for his extended leave, other than wanting to spend time with his family.

Google announced recently that it has officially replaced Cutts as the head of web spam, but is yet to disclose who the new individual is.

Google Tackles Revenge Porn Head On

Google has announced it is going to honour requests from people to remove nude or sexually explicit images share without their consent from Google Search.

Known as ‘Revenge Porn, the troubling stories of ex-partners seeing to publically humiliate a person by posting private images of them, or the disturbing number of ‘sextortion’ sites springing up, forcing people to pay to have their images removed, has made headlines worldwide.

Google disclaimer

Google’s SVP of Google Search, Amit Singhal, said in a blog that Google will “honour requests from people to remove nude or sexually explicit images shared without their consent from Google Search results. This is a narrow and limited policy, similar to how we treat removal requests for other highly sensitive personal information, such as bank account numbers and signatures that may surface in our search results.”

Google will be putting up a web form in the coming weeks so that people can submit their requests to the search engine direct.

News Sites Benefit from New Google Updates

Are Google’s recent Google Trends and algorithmic updates related? New research from SearchMetrics has seen a link between news related content and SEO visibility.

According to Marcus Tober from SearchMetrics, the update may have been related to news content, as the data showed a distinct visibility boost to “new newsworthy content”. Tober found that major news publications saw a spike in search rankings in Google. Here are the ranking improvements for a selection of news sites SearchMetrics measured:

News sites SEO visibility table

One reason for this might be the new real-time version of Google Trends, which may be helping Google Search assess newsworthy content.

New Look Google Cache Page

Google appears to have made a small design refresh to the Google Cache landing page, Search Engine Roundtable has reported.

Now, if you go to Google and click on the down arrow to see the cache result of the page, the landing page you are taken to is slightly different. Barry Schwartz of Search Engine Roundtable describes the page as cleaner, with links to the full version, the text-only version and even a way to view source. Tip information has also been added.

Here is a picture of the new design:

Google cache

Google Puts New Mobile Interface to the Test

Google is testing yet another mobile user interface, Search Engine Land reported. The new mobile interface now has the Google logo centred at the top, as with a previous version, but with a larger search box, more white space, and a blue clean navigation menu.

Here are pictures of the new interface from Alex Chitu:

New Google mobile interface

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