SEO: Try Our Six-Step Google Link Penalty Recovery Workout [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Our SEO infographic shows you how to sweat out those toxic links and tone your link profile. Banish Penguin penalties and get Google-compliant in just six steps!

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Already suffered the effects of a Google link penalty? Worried your site may be at risk?

Countless websites have suffered ranking drops and profit losses as a result of algorithmic penalties like Penguin, or manual actions.

Now is the time to act. Our six-step link removal workout shows you how to recover lost rankings, or protect your site from penalties altogether.

Like any good workout, it's hard work. But if you put the effort in, your site will thank you for it.

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Link removal workout infographic.

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6-Step Link Removal Workout Plan

Get your website fighting fit and penalty-free. Banish toxic links that drag your rankings down.

Step 1 - Identify Penalties

Use deep meditation techniques to discover the source of your penalty - is it an algorithmic penalty like Google Penguin, or a Webmaster Tools manual action? Or both?

Or skip the meditation and download your free link audit eBook:

Step 2 - Download Links

You will need a list of links to your site that is as up-to-date and complete as possible.

Links can be downloaded through Google Webmaster Tools, but we recommend using specialist SEO software to supplement this list. Otherwise, you may end up with an incomplete picture of your link profile, and risk wasting time auditing links that won't make a difference.

Step 3 - Classify Links

Manually classify your links as 'compliant' or 'non-compliant'. Do this for every link in your spreadsheet.

For more information on what constitutes a non-compliant link, refer to Google's Webmaster Guidelines, or download your free white paper using the link above.

Step 4 - Contact Webmasters

For every non-compliant link, make every effort to obtain the webmaster's details for the offending site.

Reach out to the webmaster and ask for the link to be removed or modified. You should always do this before considering disavowing a link.

Step 5 - Disavow Links

If you don't hear back from a webmaster, or receive a negative response, add that link to a disavow list.

At the end of the link auditing process, you should upload this disavow list in Google Webmaster Tools. When a link is disavowed, it means that Google no longer recognises the link as passing PageRank.

Step 6 - Repeat!

Carry out this process for every link in your document.

Obviously if you have thousands upon thousands of links, this can take lots of time. But hey, it's a tough workout - you've got to feel the burn to get the results you want.


Phew... So you've finished your link removal workout. Tough stuff, right?

Now we bet you're wondering, "when will I start to see results?"

Just as you'd expect with a real-life fitness regime, it can take a while for your website to get back to full health.

Algorithmic Penalties

If you've done everything correctly, an algorithmic penalty such as Penguin will be removed in due course. Just relax... and wait.

Manual Actions

You'll need to apply to Google directly to have a manual action removed. This application is called a reconsideration request. See Google's Webmaster Tools Help pages for more details.

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