Shashi Seth steps down from his role at Yahoo! with immediate effect

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Yahoo's Shashi Seth has announced that he will be stepping down from his role at the firm with immediate effect.

The senior VP of the firm's Connections business unit had been working with the firm for over three and a half years.

Bringing in a vast amount of experience from his previous work at Google, he was mainly responsible for overseeing Yahoo! products such as Yahoo! search, local and shopping.

Speaking of his decision on LinkedIn, Seth simply said:  "After three years I have come to the incredibly hard decision to move on from Yahoo!.

"I truly enjoyed working with an amazing team, that was passionate, hard-working, and truly brilliant. I will miss working with them!"

The news comes shortly after it emerged that another high up at Yahoo!, chief information security officer, Justin Somaini, had also left the company.

Seth had previously played a key role in bringing Yahoo! Search up to speed during its transition period to being powered by Bing.

However, Yahoo! CEO, Marissa Mayer, has already outlined plans to shift the firms attention away from SEO and search, in favour of looking towards new mobile offerings which she believes play to Yahoo!'s existing strengths.

Aside from a memo from Ms Mayer confirming Seth's departure however, there has been no official explanation as to why he took the decision to step down.

It is widely know however, that Ms Mayer has been rebuilding and shifting many of the firm's senior positions since she took over the position of CEO at the company last year.

Also, with Ms Mayer having experience as a product executive from her time at Google, she may have decided to take a more hands on approach to things herself.

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