Six Months in PPC… And Loving it!

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Tom Kwei used to think paid search was a job for private detectives. Six months in, he explains how working at ClickThrough has opened his eyes to the joy of PPC…

I have a confession to make. When I applied to ClickThrough’s graduate day, I really knew nothing about digital marketing. I didn’t know my SEO from my elbow and, in all honesty, thought PPC was a type of loan insurance.

Tom Kwei rocking out.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered the world of digital marketing was hugely interesting – and I seemed to have a natural affinity for it! So much so, in fact, that ClickThrough invited me to join the team in November 2014.

Six months on, I’m now a fully integrated member of ClickThrough’s paid search implementation team; spending my time designing advertising campaigns for international giants (TomTom and Gtech to name but two) and liaising closely with clients on every aspect of their account – all with an obligatory staff trip to Marrakech in between!

To commemorate this half-year milestone I decided now was a good time to recap on what I had learned as a relative PPC newbie, both through ClickThrough itself and in the wider discipline of pay per click altogether.

I’ve had to negotiate a steep learning curve – but it’s been well worth it!

Easy to Learn, Difficult to Master

One of the things you quickly learn when managing PPC client accounts is that they are fluid, reactive beasts.

Everything, from keywords and headlines to budgets and ads is essentially up to you, with all the changes enacted having real consequences on performance.

As a result of such an intuitive and interactive working environment, PPC is fairly unique in that you can really build your work around your own style and work ethic. Conceptually, PPC is admittedly simple to grasp, but the problems, challenges and achievements lie in its granular details.

Planning, Planning, Planning!

As part of the implementation team at ClickThrough, my job is to set up accounts for clients before they go live on the web – building out their structures and fashioning compelling ad copy that ensures the client is engaged with on the highest level.

Juggling many representatives at once can be a little bewildering at first, but the systems that ClickThrough has installed throughout the office, Synergist and Smartsheet, allow intelligent, thoughtful planning.

No Water Cooler Politics Here

With this being my first real ‘office’ job I was initially nervous that ClickThrough would be another stereotype of the buttoned down, water cooler politics variety.

Thankfully, the office is both a welcoming and enlightening place. Whether it’s new clients coming to chat, established ones going to lunch with staff for a catch-up, or team meetings internally, the focus is on communication and openness.

PPC Challenges

With near 200 days of PPC under my belt right now, the job thankfully isn’t getting any easier – because, who wants easy?

The biggest challenge at the moment has been adapting to the varied work loads of each client, ensuring you are in the right headspace for the individual needs of each customer.

Part of the beauty of the discipline is its multi-faceted, deep nature. Here’s to six (or so) more months!

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