Social media sites create anti-Search plus Your World tool

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Traditionally social media rivals, Facebook, Myspace and Twitter have grouped together to create a new tool, aimed at drawing users' attention to the "biased" results provided as part of Google's Search Plus Your World, according to an article published by the Telegraph.

Entitled "Don't be evil" (a nod to one of the search engine giant's early mottos), the browser add-on is currently only compatible with Firefox.

The tool has been created to prevent Google searches returning content that's been 'ranked up' by Google from its own social network, Google+.

A recent change has seen Google searches return Google+ content at the top of search results - a change previously announced as part of Search Plus Your World - at the expense of results from Twitter and Facebook.

Google has explained how the new update - which could affect SEO - worked.

A post published by Google read: "Starting today, if you search for a topic like (music) or (baseball), you might see prominent people who frequently discuss this topic on Google+ appearing on the right-hand side of the results page."

The search engine giant has yet to respond to the launch of 'Don't be evil' - which is currently only available in America. However, Google did previously say it had tried to strike a deal with both Twitter and Facebook to include their results in a prominent position - but wrangles over cost and privacy scuppered such a move.

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