Social media: The state of play in 2012

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Social media usage continues to rise, without any sign of reaching a saturation point in the near future, as Christian Arno points out in an article published on Search Engine Watch.

Arno pulls together statistics from a number of different sources to paint a picture of social media usage in 2012 - and generally speaking, it's good news for those engaged in social media marketing. Some of the key statistics that he mentions are:

  • Last month, EMarketer predicted that the number of people using social networks would increase by 19.2 per cent compared to last year - bringing the total number of users up to 1.43 billion
  • A Pew Internet survey conducted last year discovered that 65 per cent of internet users in the US used social networking sites. In addition, 61 per cent of adults under the age of 30 used these sites at least once per day. The figure for daily usage amongst internet users between 50 and 64 was 32 per cent
  • Another survey from late last year found that 96 per cent of companies surveyed would be spending more money on social media marketing

The article also looks at the continuing dominance of Facebook in 2012, pointing out that:

  • The site has not faltered as the dominant social network since overtaking MySpace in 2008
  • It boasts more than 845 million active users
  • There are only six countries in the world in which Facebook is not the dominant social network - China (where TencentQZone is top of the pack), Russia (where Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki fight for the crown), as well as Japan, Vietnam, South Korea and Poland
  • Facebook has recently tripled in audience size in the emerging Brazilian market, overtaking Orkut as the leading social media site in December

It looks like Facebook will rule the roost for some time. However, despite easily beating Twitter in terms of total users, Facebook is behind in terms of growth in the US. Twitter's growth in the US will be four times greater than Facebook's over the next two years, according to predictions made by The Realtime Report.

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