Strengthening relationships with PPC clients via good communication

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The best PPC marketing managers are able to maintain a good level of communication with their clients, according to John Lee, writing for Search Engine Watch.

Lee suggests that all other elements of a PPC strategy are rendered null-and-void if there isn't a good level of communication in place - regardless of the medium.

To achieve the best possible results he recommends the implementation of a communication plan. Here are just a few of Lee's recommendations in a summarised form:

Schedule regular phone calls - A conversation over the phone can be great for building up a rapport and a significant level of trust; ideas can also be traded and issues raised.

For the first month of engagement, Lee recommends speaking on a weekly basis before then eventually moving towards a bi-weekly call. If your clients are comfortable with it, Skype and iMeet can provide the benefit of face to face video communication.

Responding the calls and emails - When one of your clients calls to register a concern or query,  you should always try to ensure that you respond in a relatively quick manner.

If you choose to be tardy in your response you'll most likely create a point of negativity in your relationship with your client.

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