Study: 73% Of People Lose Trust In A Brand If Location Listing Incorrect

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Almost three-quarters of Internet browsers lose trust in a brand if it has an incorrect online local listing according to a new study: Similarly two-thirds of participants laid the blame firmly at a company's door if they got lost due to inaccurate location information.

The research from Placeable also showed that while 69% of those surveyed blamed the directory for an incorrect listing, almost a third (31%) still blamed the business itself.

In its report, Placeable emphasise the importance of accurate local business information.

It states: "It is vital that multi-location businesses preserve customer trust by ensuring absolute accuracy in their online location information. Anything less makes the business vulnerable to a constant, ongoing erosion of its brand

Brands that fail to ensure the accuracy of search engine location data run the risk of not only missing out on new customers, but jeopardizing their relationships with existing customers as well."

This information becomes even more pertinent when considered with the fact 71% of customers will look online to confirm the location of the business before setting off to visit it for the first time. Seven per cent simply drive to where they think the business is located and a further 22% admitted to searching for the location on their smartphone while on the way.

The report shows how a digital marketing strategy should not overlook simple measures such as having the correct location information online. It can be accessed here.

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