Study: Compared to Facebook, Twitter is 'not as relevant for commerce'

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New research has suggested Facebook delivers a staggering 30 times more e-Commerce customers than its social networking rival Twitter.

Consultancy firm Curebit gave a damning review of Twitters performance in comparison to Facebook but also noted the platforms naturally lent themselves to different things - with Facebook deemed as a more social environment.

Speaking to Venture Beat, Curebit vice-president Brad Kam, said "As compared to Twitter, Facebook is responsible for 10 times the number of shares, 20 times the amount of site traffic, and 30 times the number of new customers acquired.

"Twitter is simply not as relevant for commerce."

Its research, based upon use of its platform, suggested more than one-third (35%) of shares were made via Facebook in comparison to just 3.2% via Twitter, working out at 56% of site traffic via the former and only 3.2% via the latter.

In terms of actual customer footfall the numbers are even more revealing with 30% of customers coming directly via Facebook and only .9% via Twitter. When it comes to actual sales figures, Facebook still stands head and shoulders above  Twitter with 19.3% of sales compared with 1.5%.

Kam added: "Twitter tends to be a one-way conversation where influencers are speaking to their followers, while Facebook is where actual friends are connecting. Friendship and trust are what's driving new customers to buy.

"That's why Facebook is so much stronger than Twitter for commerce."

This is not the first time the two platforms have been compared in terms of e-commerce. Business Insider showed a significantly different set of findings, showing Twitter claiming a far more respectable 22% share of e-Commerce sales in 2013, only slightly lower than Pinterest at 23% and Facebook at 28%.

The studies do share a common theme however, in terms of social media marketing, trust is important and many people will turn to social network sites for a bit of guidance when deciding upon their purchases.

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