Study: Firms Struggling With SEO Not Integrating Social Media Properly

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A new study has revealed 50% of firms struggling with SEO are not effectively integrating their social media offerings - if they have even considered any integration at all.

The analysis from research agency Ascend2 claims the most successful companies integrate their social media into SEO strategies far more effectively than those struggling with the key digital marketing tactic.

In putting together its SEO Strategy Outlook Report, Ascend2 surveyed around 600 business and marketing professionals from across the globe.

In an analysis of  companies deeming themselves successful or unsuccessful with SEO, the study found 38% of those very successful with their SEO strategy were carrying out extensive integration of social media, dwarfing  the two per cent of companies who admitted they weren't succeeding with SEO. In total, 50% of those not succeeding with SEO said they are not integrating social media at all.

The study also revealed some interesting statistics from respondents, based around the question "to what extent does your company integrate social media into SEO strategy and tactics". While the top response was limited integration at 60%, almost a quarter of respondents (24%) said they did not integrate the two at all, a significantly higher number than the 16% who claimed there was extensive integration of social media with SEO in their business.

Respondents in the survey also reflected the current buzz for original content, with almost half (48%) stating 'creating original content' is the most effective SEO strategy, the top answer by far.

On the other hand, only 19% said 'external link building' is the most effective tactic, but this may have been down to the fact almost half (45%) of those asked said it was the most difficult SEO tactic to master.

In terms of the most challenging part of achieving SEO success, 48% cited 'lack of budget and/or headcount'.

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