Study Shows Google and Facebook Account For Half UK's Digital Ad Spend

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New research has revealed Internet giant's Facebook and Google account for almost half of the UK's total digital advertising spend.

The study also predicts spending on mobile will reach almost £1bn, equating for around 16.5% of the UK's digital ad spending this year.

The search engine firm accounts for a staggering 43% of all UK digital marketing ad revenues, while Facebook accounts for around five per cent of digital ad spending this year.

The research by eMarketer estimates the combined revenue of the two behemoths will account for nearly half of the £6.1bn set to be spent on digital advertising this year.

The research predicts by 2015, Google's share will be up to 46%. It also estimates Facebook will grow its UK ad business by more than a third (36%) this year alone, with eMarketer estimating a spend of £303m compared with £223m last year.

Both Google and Facebook in particular have seen growth driven by mobile advertising. eMarketer predicts spend on mobile advertising to almost double from 9.7% to 16.5% this year. It also boldly predicts by 2017, mobile ad spend is set to account for almost 44.4% of the UK's digital ad spend, or almost a quarter of the total ad spend in the country.

To formulate its estimates, eMarketer uses the analysis of a variety of different elements related to the ad spending market including historical trends, macro-level economic conditions and a host of other in-depth analyses of the industry.

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