Study: Social Media Marketing on Pinterest Great For Ecommerce

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A new study has revealed Pinterest has toppled Facebook in at least one area of social media marketing: Ecommerce.

The popular photo-sharing site, frequented by users called pinners, provided more shares in the Ecommerce category than its social networking rival. Figures showed 41% shared  something under the Ecommerce category on Pinterest compared to 37% on Facebook. Twitter lagged well behind at 17%.

Gigya vice president of marketing, John Eklaim, said: "Pinterest's sweet spot really is in Ecommerce. Pinterest users tend to pin items that they want to purchase later or that they've already purchased.

"A number of Gigya Ecommerce clients cater to largely female audiences, and so does Pinterest, which could be one reason why Pinterest has such a heavy presence in Ecommerce sharing."

The Gigya study was conducted in Q2 from April to June of this year, using data from all of its clients and looked into social shares and social logins.

In terms of social login - a form of single sign-on using your existing login information from a social networking site such as Facebook or Google+ -  Facebook is still king, commanding 52% of the market. Similarly, in terms of general shared content, Facebook still bosses 50% of the market.

The study did show Google was making significant social login inroads however, doubling its activity from 12% to 24% across its social sites.

Eklaim added: "We're still seeing Facebook remain as the dominant login provider but Google is clearly making headway.

"With the advent of Google+ sign-in, we believe that this trend will continue particularly because of the mobile over-the-air download features offered with Google+ sign-in."

Unfortunately for Google, at present, while its Google+ offering may be making progress as a login provider, in terms of social shares it leaves a lot to be desired.

The study revealed it only captures two per cent of the shared content using Gigya's tools.

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