Tablets will generate $5bn in revenue for search engine giant Google

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A new survey has revealed Internet search giant Google could make a staggering $5 billion dollars in revenue from tablets this year.

Marin Software, which provides PPC marketing management software for a number of advertisers and agencies across the globe, released the data in its 'The State of Mobile Search' report.

The firm estimates that by December 2013, as much as 20% of Google's paid search ad clicks will be generated by tablet users: Double the figure it was last year (10.7%).

The report analysed spending of brands and advertisers in 13 countries including the US, UK, Japan and Australia - researching a total of more than $4 billion spent on paid search.

In terms of click through rates (CTR), the firm found smartphones generated CTRs 107% higher than desktops, with tablets 37% higher.

At the same time however, the research found conversion rates for smartphones were actually lower than tablets, which saw conversion figures improve 31%, and also desktops.

In the UK,  the Marin study showed Google's share of paid clicks from mobiles had increased by almost two-thirds (65%) with UK advertisers doubling their search budget on smart devices from 9.94% to 19.32% last year.

Marin Software vice president of marketing and partnerships, Matt Lawson, said: "While the rise of tablets is no secret, what's interesting is tablet users are engaging with search ads and converting in ways that closely resemble desktop usage.

"Solid user engagement combined with favourable performance characteristics make search ads on tablets hard to resist for advertisers."

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