The BidCops Are Here: It’s Time To Get Tough On AdWords Quality Score

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Since launching our free PPC tool BidCops in December 2012, we’ve uncovered some valuable insights from its aggregated data. ClickThrough copywriter Jack Adams explains how BidCops has highlighted the importance of Quality Score, and why this variable can’t be ignored by PPC managers.

It’s been little over three months since we launched BidCops, Europe’s first free PPC reporting tool.

BidCops is designed to save PPC account managers time and money when using Google AdWords. It collates the key performance data from an account and produces detailed reports, highlighting the areas in which improvements could be made.

More to the point, it does this in 30 seconds.

With the reports produced by BidCops, AdWords account and campaign managers can identify which of their keywords are yielding conversions and which aren’t, and which of their keywords have the best Quality Score. It also provides valuable insights into the impression share of their campaigns and the average keyword position, amongst other important AdWords metrics.

Now that BidCops is up and running, we’ve collated a huge heap of anonymous data from our users’ reports. And, just as we thought, our PPC tool has turned out some interesting PPC insights.

Although it’s not exactly a secret to those well-versed in the world of paid search, a good Quality Score is absolutely intrinsic to a successful AdWords campaign.

Through BidCops we’ve seen that AdWords ads displaying a Quality Score of eight or above receive double the average clickthrough-rate.

There are a number of factors Google uses to determine an ad’s Quality Score, all of which are aimed at making the Google search experience better.

The relevance of keywords to PPC ads, the clickthrough-rate of past keywords and the quality of landing pages are just some of the elements Google takes into account when designating a Quality Score.

If these elements are lacking in your own ads, and you’re seeing Quality Scores of threes and fours, it’s probably time to sit up and take notice.

As well as potentially helping your clickthrough-rate, an improved Quality Score can also lead to a reduction in the cost per click (CPC) of your ads – allowing you to save money in the long term. A better Quality Score can also lead to ads being positioned higher up within Google’s SERPs (search engine results page).

The higher the position of your ads within Google, the more likely searchers are to see them, click them and potentially convert.

If, in spite of Google’s recent AdWords policy update, you’ve not found the time to  improve the text of your ads to make them more relevant, or to rewrite your landing page copy , now is probably a good time to act.

With any digital marketing campaign it’s important to get value for money, and yield successful results. As emphasised by the patterns displayed by BidCops, higher Quality Scores can make this possible.

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