The elements of a perfectly optimised webpage

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In recent times, search engines have made a number of advancements that allow them to look at and evaluate the content featured on websites in a much more comprehensive manner.

Gareth Owen, writing for Search Engine Watch, has attempted to pinpoint the ten elements of a "perfectly optimised page."

Here are just a few of the elements highlighted by Owen:

Title Tags - Owens states that while title tags are important, it is vital not to "over optimize them."

URL - The URL should ideally mention the keywords determined in your overall SEO strategy.

Content - Rather than featuring multiple keyword mentions, Owens states: "Content is now about semantically relevant supporting keywords."

Using a recipe as an example, he adds: "In order to make béarnaise sauce there are specific ingredients that are 100 per cent relevant to the eventual outcome. One way of checking what keywords Google might consider as relevant is to do a '~keyword' (or tilde) search."

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