The Windows Phone story teaches valuable SEO lessons

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Internet marketers and SEO professionals can learn from the way Microsoft has handled its mobile strategy, according to an article published on the International Business Times website.

Microsoft's Windows Phone operating system was launched in 2010, and has so far only managed to gain a market share of 3.9 per cent. In comparison, Apple iPhones make up 30.2 per cent of the market, and Google's Android operating system powers around half of smartphones currently in use.

Microsoft fares a little better in the apps market, with a five per cent market share, compared to RIM's 15 per cent, Apple's 30 per cent and Google's 50 per cent.

According to the article's author, Ryan Buddenhagen, SEOs and marketers can learn from the way Microsoft has pushed its phone - as the company has tried hard to encourage developers to create compelling apps for its devices, knowing full well that they will shy away from developing apps for Microsoft's mobile operating system in favour of those with more users.

Microsoft is achieving this by offering excellent customer support to developers, and a comprehensive learning program. Last year, the company hosted more than 850 sessions around the world to familiarise developers with its Windows Phone operating system - three times more than in 2010. In another effort to woo developers, Microsoft is creating new ways for them to make money by selling apps.

Microsoft has reportedly been more attentive to developer queries than its competitors, and it has made its app tools very user friendly, helping to establish better relationships and a sense of trust with its developers. Marketers can learn from this approach by putting customers first, says Buddenhagen.

In the article, Buddenhagen also explains how lessons can also be learned from the way Microsoft is marketing its Windows Phone 'story' - or at least in the way it plans to. According to Microsoft, they simply haven't invested the money needed to tell the phone's story around the world, but they are sure that when they do, their products will gain support. Rather than relying on cold statistics and features, it is important to establish an identity for a product, and a compelling backstory is an important part of this. SEO professionals can push this story online and drive traffic to web properties that support this story.

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