Three quarters of the world's head of states now use Twitter

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A new survey has revealed that 75% of the world's head of states have some form of presence on Twitter.

The research from the Digital Policy Council (DPC) showed that out of a total of 164 countries examined, 123 of them had a head of state signed up to the popular social networking platform.

Taking either the form of a personal account or an official government one, the figure marks a considerable increase in those counted last year when only 69 heads of state out of the 164 countries had some form of Twitter presence.

Unsurprisingly, Barack Obama sits at the top of the most followed leaders, with some 25 million followers checking out his Twitter updates.

The number two is Hugo Chavez of Venezuela - he has around 3.5 million followers.

Since its creation in 2006, Twitter has seen a number of celebrities use the platform to message their followers.  More recently, the Pope also got on the social media bandwagon, gaining around one million followers by the time he sent his first tweet in December.

With over 500 million users registered last year, sending out a whooping 340 million tweets daily, the platform presents a perfect tool for world leaders to generate online PR -  Perhaps the biggest example of this was during the American presidential elections; following his re-election, the picture of Barack Obama and his wife Michelle, simply captioned four more years became the most popular tweet in the history of Twitter.

The DPC, the body responsible for carrying out the survey, is a Washington-based, international non-partisan think tank, created with the purpose of developing the advancement of open discourse on issues of inclusive governance.

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