Three tips to boost your PPC marketing campaigns in 2012

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Now that we're into the second month of the new year, new PPC marketing campaigns are beginning to take shape. Writing for Search Engine Watch, Kevin Gibbons has created a number of tips that could ensure that your PPC campaigns stand out amongst the crowd.

Here are just a few of the aforementioned tips provided by Gibbons, in a summarised form:

- Know your product - Although it may sound completely obvious, it is vital to know your product and know it well; having a good level of knowledge on what you're going to be trying to sell will make it much easier to do so in "just a handful of words."

Unique selling points still have an important role to play in your campaign; Gibbons recommends that focus is placed on the most compelling points.

- Learn to Tweet - Learning to Tweet may seem a little off-topic, but in PPC campaigns you're going to be working with a limited amount of characters. Gibbons explains: "Learning to appreciate the restrictions imposed by short-form text will help you to understand what can - and what can't - be said in a PPC ad.

- Be timely - Many adverts on TV relate to a time-sensitive discount - a new formulation, a buy-one-get-one-free offer or competition.

It is possible to impose an element of time sensitivity to your PPC campaign; as Gibbons states: "By imposing some kind of time limit on the ad, you put in your potential customer's mind the feeling that they have to buy now."

However you need to be more subtle than simply saying, for example, "you have won a smartphone - claim it in the next 60 seconds" - as most pop-up ads do.

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