Top SEO Tips To Future-Proof Your Site

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Beth Rimmer presents her guide to getting into the Google mind-set, ensuring your site is future proof and ready for anything with her five top tips to future-proof your website

SEO is ever evolving and changing as time goes on. It is therefore important to try and understand Google’s mind to stay on top and future-proof your site. Read on for our top five tips for using great SEO to maintain a solid, stable website.

Create Genuinely Helpful Content Focused on Your Users

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Ensure your content is well thought out, optimised for the right terms on the right pages, with an appropriate keyword density. Your content should be a mixture of evergreen and fresh – the perfect balance of stable landing pages that answer questions your customers will always ask and regular blog posts to show current news. Think about what your users are asking and searching for, especially those long-tail searches, and then make sure your content delivers the answers.

Remove Bad Links Pointing to Your Site and Focus on Great Quality Backlinks

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Regularly detoxing your backlinks will make sure any potentially harmful links pointing to your site are removed and no longer a threat. Any links to your site should follow Google’s guidelines, so analysing them every few months and removing bad links will help to protect your site against algorithm updates and penalties.

Keep on Top of Technical Issues

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Follow Google’s Search Console guidelines and make sure your site is functioning at its best, at all times. Keep your site clean, easy to navigate, minimise errors, and avoid internal broken links and linking to pages with redirects. Monitor page speed, any slow pages should be analysed and optimised to be quicker. Avoid using loopholes, for example doorway pages, cloaking or keyword stuffing – as these all go against Google’s guidelines. Keep your site healthy and functioning correctly.

Pay Attention to Mobile


With Google now enforcing a mobile algorithm and labelling sites as ‘mobile friendly’ in search results, it is now more important than ever to make sure your site has either responsive design or a mobile site. Track your mobile rankings and any mobile errors are highlighted in Google Search Console. Keep on top of both to make sure your mobile site is working as efficiently as possible.

Don’t Forget About Your Local SEO

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This is especially important if your business has local branches or stores. Your customers need to know where they can visit you in store. Without great local SEO, it will be difficult to drive traffic through local search. Create well-optimised landing pages for your branches with all the information your customers need. To make your local SEO stronger, create a Google Places listing for each branch and get it validated – it will be much easier for your customers to find you. You can even list your branches on local listings websites; this will help with backlinks too!

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