Twitter Adds Audience Insights to its Analytics Dashboards

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Twitter has upgraded its analytics tools with audience insights, a new dashboard that helps brands and users understand what makes their audiences tick.

Launched yesterday, the dashboard offers information on user interests, purchasing behaviour, TV viewing habits, occupation and more. Users can also compare their follower data against Twitter users as a whole.

Twitter says the new feature should help brands "discover valuable insights" about users who engage with their tweets, and "identify new relevant audiences to target for an upcoming campaign".

In his introductory blog post, Twitter's Andrew Bragdon used the example of a cosmetics retailer introducing a new product line:

You can use this tool to learn about your potential customers on Twitter — the beauty products they've recently purchased, what fashion trends they're interested in and even TV viewing behavior.

Based on this information, you can identify the best segments to target within Twitter Ads, along with which creative — such as a Vine or video clip — your audience will find most compelling.

Twitter says it sources aggregated (and thus privacy-protected) audience data from its Marketing Platform Partners, including Acxiom and Datalogix.

This data is currently only available for US Twitter users, meaning the dashboards are much more limited for those of us outside the States.

Twitter analytics users can find the dashboard under the 'Followers' tab. Twitter advertisers can find it under the 'Analytics' menu.

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