Twitter for small-sized businesses

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As a platform for conducting social media marketing campaigns on, Twitter is undeniably great - especially for small and medium-sized businesses.

However, before setting up a profile, it is important to have a plan in place; this plan should ideally detail how Twitter is going to benefit your company.

Writing for the Sydney Morning Herald, David Wilson, has detailed a number of tips showing how small business owners can take advantage of the opportunities that the microblogging site offers.

Here are just a few of Wilson's tips:

Know beforehand what you're going to tweet about - This is vital; the information and content you posts should relate to one main theme - which in-turn should relate to your business.

Managing director at The Dubs, Josh Frith, provides an example; he states: "If you are a gym, tweet health and fitness tips - if you tweet about, say, Bengal tigers, you will forfeit followers."

Follow back - People love being "followed" on Twitter, so naturally if someone follows your business, make the effort to return the favour. Remember Twitter isn't a broadcasting medium, it's a medium by which widespread conversation takes place.

Make searches to track down potential followers - Twitter users tend to follow based on the quality of content provided. If you produce interesting content, you're likely to gain more followers with an interest in your business' particular area.

To find more potential followers make searches; simply take the subject from your content and use it to search for others discussing the same subject or topic. Follow them and see if they follow you back.

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