Twitter founders launch two new Internet marketing tools

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Having founded the hugely successful micro-blogging site Twitter and Blogger, the service which revolutionised self-publication, Ev Williams and Biz Stone have announced the launch of two new websites.

The pair, who still hold positions at Twitter as directors, have launched Medium and Branch through The Obvious Corporation - an incubator fund they own.

Primarily platforms from which users can publish their images and pieces of writing from, both Medium and Branch could play a significant role in Internet marketing in the near future.

Although both sites may, in principal, sound very similar to Twitter, they aren't.

Currently only accessible to those who've been invited, Medium is a site on which collections can be built up. Whether collections of text, photographs or drawings, all can be uploaded to the site for people to vote on. Those items that receive the most votes will be displayed highest.

Explaining Medium's purpose, Williams stated: "Medium is designed to allow people to choose the level of contribution they prefer. We know that most people, most of the time, will simply read and view content, which is fine.

"If they choose, they can click to indicate whether they think something is good, giving feedback to the creator and increasing the likelihood others will see it," he added.

Branch meanwhile allows users of Twitter to invite other users to have a more substantial conversation than 140 characters would offer. Although users can sign in with their Twitter username they don't have to worry about their Branch activity being tweeted to their account.

This particular service could provide businesses with a new platform from which to communicate with their customers.

Commenting on Branch, head of product, Josh Miller, said: "Between articles, blog posts, and tweets, the Internet is dominated by monologues. So we want to build a home for dialogues online, by combining the intimacy of a dinner table conversation with the power of the Internet."

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