Twitter starts selling its ad services in the Middle East

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Micro-blogging site Twitter has announced that it has officially started to sell its ad services to the Middle East.

Up until now, these services had only been available in the US, UK, Japan and Latin America.

With triple the users in the region now on board since last year, commercial operations are set to start in the UAE with Twitter working alongside the Egyptian advertising agency Connect Ads.

Twitter vice president of international operations, Shailesh Rao, said the UAE was proving to be one of the fastest growing regions in regards to usage of the social networking platform.

Mr Rao said: "When we decided we wanted to prioritize in the Middle East region it was principally because we had a large user base here and was growing rapidly."

With Deloitte reporting that digital advertising spending in the Middle East region is set to grow at an annual rate of 35% up to $5680m by 2015, the firm is eager to capitalise on such a rapidly developing market.

Working with Connect ads, the firm is predominantly targeting those in the Internet marketing business working in Egypt, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Pakistan.

The pair hope to entice advertisers by offering ad solutions that mean the advertisers will only be charged when users actively engage with the promoted products.

Connect Ads managing director, Mohammed El Mehairy, has claimed that the response so far has been exceptional.

He said: "Half the job is done, brands are not asking why [to advertise] Twitter, but how?"

The Arab Social Media Report claims that there are now over two million active Twitter users in the region and that Arabic is now Twitter's fastest growing language.

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