Twitter Trials Tweet Views Feature Similar to Facebook's Page Views

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Twitter is said to be experimenting with a new feature which would show users the number of people who have viewed their tweets.

The counter would ape something like Facebook's page view tally on individual Page posts and would feature underneath each tweet.

Advertisers using the platform for social media marketing purposes have had access to such analytics for a considerable length of time, but should Twitter roll the feature out universally, it would be the first time the statistics have been made available to everyone.

Twitter has been in the news quite a lot recently, with somewhat of a furore caused following Twitter head of news partnerships, Vivian Schiller, making a few comments about how 'arcane' elements such as the hashtag and @ symbols utilised on the service are.

She also suggested the site was "working on moving the scaffolding of Twitter into the background" a phrase that could quite easily be construed to mean the social media platform was looking to ditch hashtags and @replies.

Despite such concerns however, Schiller seemed to back out of her initial statement and suggest instead there was a lot of 'creative thinking' going on at the firm. This latest step to add tweet views to a users account can be seen as just one of these creative ideas.

Of course many of these ideas never get past the creative stage, so it remains to be seen as to whether tweet views will roll out universally or simple be one of the experiment's that never fully materialises.

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