Twitter unveils self-service ad platform in the US

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Micro-blogging site Twitter, in partnership with American Express, has launched a new self-service advertising platform, aimed at small businesses, according to an article published by New Media Age.

Operating in a similar way to Google AdWords, Twitter's self-service ad platform will allow users to control various aspects of the ad - location, spend and text - and automate their ads.

The service will initially follow a CPC (cost per click) model - meaning that businesses will only pay for their ads - which also include Promoted Accounts and Promoted Tweets - if they are responded to on Twitter, retweeted or clicked on.

Offering another arm of social media marketing, the service is currently only available in America, according to a spokeswoman for Twitter.

The spokeswoman also added that a timescale for launch of the service in the UK had not been disclosed.

In a bid to entice firms to use the service, partner American Express is offering $100 to a select number to spend on their adverts.

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