Two must-have skills for the modern day SEO

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In an age in which versatility is seen as a major asset, Bob Tripathi, writing for Search Engine Watch, has suggested that "the modern day SEO should be an integrated SEO digital marketer - one who knows about on-page SEO and other integrated tactics."

Tripathi has also highlighted five skills which he believes are must-haves for an SEO professional.

Here are just a couple of those aforementioned skills:

Technical SEO - Tripathi states that SEO is about more than keyword research and page optimisation; he write: "SEO is about making websites better at both the page and server level in a structured way to enhance their chances of being found on search engines, with the eventual goal of generating traffic."

Therefore it is important to have a sound knowledge of how SEO works at a technical level, i.e, coding, server settings, site maps etc. Having this knowledge will make solving problems much easier.

Content Marketing - Content is the thing that engages users most - it's also the thing that is likely to attract users to your website. Therefore it is important to know how to market this content. Tripathi states that the content marketing process can be split in to two tasks - content creation and content distribution.

Having this skill will serve an SEO well in their role as a gatekeeper - providing support for ideas that are going to improve the site. "Basic skills like keyword research, finding content gaps, and distributing your content will come in handy," he states.

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