UK Mobile Advertising Spend Set To Reach As Much As £1bn This Year

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A new study has revealed UK mobile advertising spending could reach almost £1 billion this year.

The research from eMarketer suggests there will be an increase of more than 90% on the £526m spent last year.

With smartphones and tablets increasing in popularity in the UK, more and more digital marketing advertisers are looking to mobile to further engage in the country's ever increasing multiscreen user base.

The research suggests this trend is set to continue in to the future, with mobile ad spending almost a third (31.5%) of total digital ad spending, or around 15.3% of total media spend in 2015, and then potentially accounting for as much as 44.4% of total ad spending by 2017, equating to almost a quarter (22.9%) of total media spend.

On the whole, it is expected digital ad spending will soar by as much as 12% this year to reach a figure of more than £6bn. This figure is expected to be more than £7bn in 2015 and as much as £8bn by 2017.

eMarketer also predicts advertisers will spend an average of around £127 this year on digital advertising for each UK Internet user. Put into perspective, the figure is four times the worldwide average and also significantly higher on the average amount spent by advertisers on US Internet users.

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