Users spent just 3.3 minutes on Google+ during January

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A new report, compiled by comScore, has shown that Google+ users on average spent just 3.3 minutes on the social networking site during January, according to an article published by CNN.

The figure shows a decline in the amount of time spent on the site compared to the 5.1 minutes spent per user in November and the 4.8 minutes during December.

Meanwhile, Facebook - a site popular for social media marketing initiatives - was used on average for 7.5 hours during January - displaying the huge gulf in usage between the two rival networks.

According to CNN a representative from Google could not be reached to comment on the figures.

The report is likely to prove disappointing reading for Google - who've placed a large amount of emphasis on creating a network to challenge Facebook's dominance.

CEO Larry Page previously told employees that 25 per cent of their bonuses would "be tied into the company's social strategy that year," according to CNN.

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