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The 'throttling' of Facebook and Twitter results on Google - with evermore rare occurrences of either site popping up on the first page - has made social media marketing on either site somewhat isolated.

Of course, both Facebook and Twitter would love to be ranked more highly by Google: but it's become a case of 'tough luck' for both sites since the search giant launched Google+.

Google are a savvy bunch: trying to launch a new social network whilst giving equal weight to your competitors - despite screams of antitrust breach - is not a good business practice.

As such - and you've probably noticed this - Google has made huge efforts to make Google+ profiles as visible as possible online. This includes great organic search rankings, as well as notable mentions in Google News searches where the author of an article has linked to their Google+ profile.

Combined with Google's seemingly common preference to stick YouTube video results near the top of SERPs, it's fast becoming obvious that pouring Internet marketing efforts into Google platforms has the potential to yield better results, especially if you're able to cross-combine your campaign to maximise +1s, YouTube referrals, organic rankings, and content pointers for your freshly-written articles.

Facebook has launched an IPO which will trigger a wave of new money-making moves on the site: things which marketers previously enjoyed for free will dry up, meaning serious budgets will be needed to take advantage of the potential 800-million user reach of the site.

Google+, on the other hand, isn't quite 'there' in the popularity stakes yet to monetise.

Get in fast before it does and there are some immediate benefits for your SEO. Here are two very simple benefits of setting up a Google+ account which will help support existing SEO campaigns.

Organic boosts:

Google+ pages rank really well - and with Facebook and Twitter failing to reach search agreements, Google+ profiles look set to remain the search result of choice on Google. Getting your personal profile sorted, and linked back to your company, allows you far greater visibility: producing regular industry-related content will set you apart from competitors and solidify you as an 'expert' in your field, without the need for huge swathes of keywords. Obviously, SEO remains very important, but Google+ provides a ready-made boost for your SEO campaign which shouldn't be ignored.

Get recommended:

Whilst Facebook 'likes' flag up popular pages for Facebook users, Google's +1 feature puts hearty recommendations all over Google's portion of the web. Rather than relying on insular Facebook referrals by creating popular content, items on your Google+ account can be flagged up to every web user who utilises Google search. That's nearly all of them, then.

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