We learn more about Ramial Aqeel, Our New PPC Specialist

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Join us in welcoming our new PPC Specialist, Ramial Aqeel! Learn more about Ramial and what he loves about his new role.


When did you join ClickThrough?

5th January 2021.

What does your role at ClickThrough involve?

I am employed as a PPC Specialist. My role focuses on overseeing the strategy for my PPC clients and working as a team with DPM Executives to maintain workload and maximise results.

What's your background?

I come from both a commercial and technical background. My degree was in Web Development. Prior to joining Clickthrough, I have worked for advertising agencies in PPC exclusively, both on an executive and a senior level. My key strengths would be Google Search, but I do have a strong awareness on Display & Video. In previous roles, I have also had responsibilities on sales, up selling, and general client communication.

What do you love about your role at ClickThrough?

I highly admire the fact that I am surrounded by passionate marketing individuals, to which I am excited to learn from and hopefully share my own insights too.

What do you like about ClickThrough and its culture

Clickthrough is a very friendly and welcoming place. I also like the fact that challenges, ambition, and passion are a key part of the culture and the attributes contained within the people we work with.

If you hadn’t gone into marketing, what would your other career option be?

Prior to going to University, I had a background in acting; working on various theatre and TV performances. My passion for digital took over, but had it not, I could well have been an actor to this day (not sure how that would have gone under Covid!).

If you could trade places with any other person for a week, who would it be and why?

Elon Musk. His global contributions and what he’s trying to do is truly inspirational. A week in his shoes would provide unrivalled insight into many areas.

What do you do in your spare time?

I like to play sports: Football, Cricket, Tennis, Gym, Swimming. I also enjoy reading books associated with my industry and best business practises. I am a big Chess player and have maintained this hobby since age 5 (my Dad taught me how to play). Otherwise, I am a bit of a gamer, bit of a Netflixer, and very much highly family orientated.


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