What Are Service Level Reviews?

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Discover more about what Service Level Reviews are, why we conduct them and how they could benefit your business.

Service Level Reviews (SLRs) are a way for us to gauge how our clients feel about the services they receive from us, and help us to continually improve and develop as an agency.

We want to ensure all clients receive industry leading expertise to deliver market leading results. Receiving feedback from our clients is one of the ways we learn and develop as a digital marketing agency.

Our SLRs are carried out over the phone by respective Heads of Departments. This is to give our clients the opportunity to provide us with honest feedback, and a chance for them to speak directly to an industry expert.

We ask questions geared around our communication efficiency and quality of work surrounding different departments and services.

To ensure we leave enough time for new results and for any changes to be fully implemented, we conduct SLRs every three months.

It is important for us to continuously gain insight into our performance, in order to keep evolving as a business. More importantly, it helps us to provide a higher quality of service for our clients.

SLRs can benefit any business in this way, as it identifies opportunities for growth and allows the relevant team members to develop their skillset, becoming experts in their respective industry.

If you’ve got any questions, talk to us about the Service Level Review process and how it can benefit your business.

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