Why Pinterest could be good for you

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Pinterest is the new social media darling. For anyone who has already joined the site, the influx of emails informing you of new followers on your Pinterest account will give an indication of the number of people now looking into its potential uses.

Whether or not you are selling online, Pinterest is currently a great traffic driver which will help to bring your brand and company name to a wider audience. Especially if you are already active on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Empire Avenue and the social bookmarking sites such as Digg, Stumbleupon, delicious, etc.

Two weeks ago we posted on how you can set up your stall on Pinterest (pronounced Pin-Trest) with an introductory summary of what Pinterest is and how you should approach the platform as a brand owner. If following that you set up a Pinterest profile and are wondering what to do next - don't panic!

Here are a few things to do today that will help you increase your reach and increase two way traffic using Pinterest:

  • Add a Pinterest button to your website and add photos of your products to Pinterest using keywords in your descriptions for SEO purposes
  • Create Pinterest boards that reflect your company's 'personality' and interests.
  • Repin photos from your followers' Pinterest boards.
  • Link your Facebook and Twitter profiles with Pinterest. Go to Settings in your Pinterest account and Link to Facebook, add Pinterest to your Timeline, and Link your Pinterest account to Twitter.
  • Search the topics on Pinterest to find photos to re-pin in your own albums. Do this regularly so that your Boards are of interest to any visitors.
  • Comment on photos and encourage others to comment on your pins by asking questions or being controversial, and always reply to comments so others know you are engaged.
  • Share infographics. Whether they are yours or from a great article or presentation that you have seen, infographics are of interest to many, especially where the data provided is topical or newsworthy.
  • Create niche boards for your target audience and share these boards in a variety of ways eg on Twitter, through social bookmarks, in a blog post, in an email newsletter, on Facebook or LinkedIn.
  • Get your staff involved in pinning items of interest - even one item a day added to your boards will help create a growing and regularly updated resource for your followers and for new people to find you.

How are you using Pinterest to increase your reach, engage with followers, or drive traffic to your other websites? Share your ideas. Do you see interest in Pinterest waning or increasing after this initial flurry of enthusiasm?

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