Why Targeting Long Tail Keywords Is Better for your Business

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Adam Stokes delves deeper into the value of using long tail keywords in your digital marketing strategy, and explains why these keywords are especially valuable to small businesses.

With mobile traffic continuing to grow, as well as the introduction of voice command software like Google Now, longer tail keywords are being used more frequently than ever. So, why exactly should you be using them in your digital marketing?

In an ever competitive environment where standing out from your competitors is essential, knowing how to successfully differentiate yourself from the rest of the industry, while staying relevant, is a challenge that all businesses face.

With less competition and higher chances of conversion, longer tail keywords can be extremely profitable for businesses when used correctly. Using a breadth of synonymous terms to cover the numerous long tail variations that users may be searching for, can help those who are further down the buyer’s journey find exactly what their looking for.

Standing Out from the Crowd

While generic keywords have a much higher search volume, they also come with much higher competition. Optimising for a list of relevant but generic keywords is never going to help smaller businesses rank against industry leaders with a much higher page rank and domain authority.

That’s where getting creative helps.

Using long tail keywords that have a lower search volume will provide a better chance of ranking amidst the quieter crowd, as there is much less competition.

Attracting the Right Buyers

Using long tail keywords is also effective for businesses wanting to target a specific demographic by honing in on exactly what people are looking for.

Users searching for a ‘jumper’, for example, are most probably at the preliminary stage of the buyer’s journey, namely the consideration stage. Users searching for a ‘blue christmas jumper with reindeer’ are much more likely to be in the decision stage, therefore increasing the chances of conversion.

Making up a much higher percentage of total searches, using the power and effectiveness of long tail keywords in your SEP activities is something that businesses of all sizes should be taking advantage of.

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