Yahoo! attempting to win back ex-staff with welcome 'back' packs?

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Yahoo! has been utilising an interesting system to try to win back ex-staff members - posting them a new starter welcome pack with 'back' etched  next to the phrase 'Yahoo! welcomes you' in black marker.

A former Yahoo! employee, Tom Coates, took to Twitter to post a picture of the package he received; his accompanying tweet read: "Not something I would have expected to receive in the mail this morning..."

According to Techcrunch, a number of ex staff members have been sent a similar package, including VPs, low-level engineers and PMs.

Inside the package is a variety of information regarding the various changes that have been put into place at Yahoo! since Marissa Mayer took over as CEO last year.

The firm has undergone a number of shakeups since Ms Mayer took over the firm, with the senior VP of the firm's Connections business unit, Shashi Seth, stepping down with immediate effect from his position last week.

Chief information security officer, Justin Somaini, also left the firm around the same time as Seth, although exact details on both of their departures has been sketchy.

The shakeups have not only seen senior figures leaving the company however, Mayer has brought in a number of new staff, most notably COO Henrique de Castro, who has been given the task of revamping Yahoo!'s advertising sales force.

With Ms Mayer pushing on with plans to move away from what was previously Yahoo's! bread and butter, SEO and search, in favour of mobile offerings, the firm is certain to see a lot more changes in the near future - both staff wise, and operation wise.

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