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how to save up to 20% on cpc


You’ve no doubt picked up on the buzz around Comparison Shopping Services, but maybe unsure of what to do next. Don’t worry – we're here to help.

We have researched Comparison Shopping Services and can provide independent advice on which would be the best CSS partner for your business. The great thing is your business could save up to 20% on your Google Shopping CPCs by using a CSS partner, plus you could qualify for a further rebate of up to 5% of your media spend (until 31 December 2018).

We are offering*:

  • Free, no obligation, first month trial with our preferred Google Certified CSS Partner Shoptail
  • Only £90/€95 per month thereafter with no tie in; an exclusive deal only available through ClickThrough. 7 days notice to cancel*.
  • Access to our Google Shopping experts.

To speak to one of our Google Premier Partner experts who will set up your free trial in 24 hours*, please complete the form.


What is CSS?

Last year Google were fined €2.4 billion by the European Commission for exclusively favouring their own shopping comparison service ahead of competitors.  Comparison Shopping Services (CSS) can now place alternative adverts on Google Shopping at discounted rates.



How much does it cost and what can I save?

Google are under pressure to attract as many retailers to start using CSS otherwise they will be at risk of further fines by the European Commission. Therefore, they are offering discounts to CSS partners and their clients. If you advertise on a CSS, you may save up to 20% on CPCs plus you may also qualify for an additional rebate of up to 5% of your shopping click costs (capped at $100,000 per month).

CSS providers are then charging retailers a certain amount each month to access their platform. This is where we can help as we have assessed a range of providers for you. Should you sign with our preferred provider, we will cover this first month's cost* to help maximise the opportunity, plus we have negotiated an exclusive monthly ongoing cost of just £90/€95 when you go through us.

How easy is it to set up and are there any risks?

We will take 24 hours* to set up your CSS account providing we have access to all the information we need which will include access to your Google Merchant Centre. Your CSS should have more visibility than the same spend on Google Shopping and we will cover your first month's CSS fee but if you wish, it is easy to switch back to Google Shopping.

What CSS providers are available?

There are several providers available, however, we have researched them for you and can provide impartial free advice on who to use. If you select the partner we recommend, we will cover their first month's fee*.

Why use us?

We are a Google Premier Partner with access to Certified CSS Partners. We are a UK digital marketing agency with over 14 years experience and our experts are on hand to provide you with transparent, honest advice so please act today as Google are predicted to offer these discounts for a limited time only!

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*T&Cs - ClickThrough will use our recommended CSS provider and cover the cost of the CSS fees for the first month only, for one domain. Following the first month the cost to your company will be £90/€95 (subject to change -dependent on exchange rate of €95 to £) - an exclusive rate only available to you when booked through ClickThrough using our preferred CSS provider. To cancel the free trial, notify us 7 days prior to the end of the trial. Set up will aim to be completed within 24 hours of a working day subject to you providing the information required to create a new Google Merchant Centre or 2-3 days set up if you decide to retain your existing Merchant Centre. Rolling monthly contract - to cancel give 7 days notice before the end of the calendar month.